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Software Architect. Software Developer. Data Scientist. Embedded Software Developer. Swiss army knife.

  • Over 10 years of hand-on working experience in various domains (industrial automation, robotics, IT network monitoring, journalism).
  • Majority of roles in highly dynamic environments (startups or corporate startups -> intrapreneurship).

Blog - IoT Security

Sternum raises the bar for end-to-end IoT security
The Israel-based company Sternum raises the standard for end-to-end iot device security.On the device level Sternum allows agentless integration of instrumentation code for RTOS as well as embedded Linux devices during build time.This runtime protect...
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Blog - Data privacy

Plane - Open Source self-hostable project management and issue tracking
For project management and/or issue tracking most companies use SaaS offers like Asana, Jira, ...If you care about data privacy this can be problematic however:Project management tasks and/or issues might contain sensitive information w.r.t. IT secur...
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zeeg - A GDPR compliant online appointment scheduling service is a online appointment scheduling tool run by the Zeeg GmbH located in Berlin.In best case U.S. based companies provide GDPR compliance "by agreement" (GDPR data processing agreement). Even worse in some cases those companies do not even pro...
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YOU.COM - The data privacy AI powered web search engine
If you care about your web search data and don't want to give it away for free you should use YOU.COM. The service is provided by SuSea Inc. (CEO Richard Socher) located in U.S. California. Consequently the data collected in standard mode comlpi...
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FastAPI Micro Courses

Micro Courses about the Python async goto framework FastAPI.


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