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FastAPI Micro Service Patterns - Blog post collection

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FastAPI Microservice Patterns - Medium Post Bundle

Get the archive from my blog post series "FastAPI Microservice Patterns". The blog posts have initially been published on my public medium account

The blog posts made over 125'000 readers happy!!!

Get the archive including:

  • blog posts of the 13 blog posts published on Medium as .html exports:
  • Application Monitoring - Application metric monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Asynchronous communication - Enabling loosly coupled services with messaging
  • Domain Driven Design - “Architecture Patterns with Python” translated into FastAPI
  • Externalized Configuration - Declarative configuration of microservices made easy
  • GraphQL API - The go-to backend/frontend integration API.
  • Health Check API - A basic pattern for service monitoring.
  • Local Development Environment - Skaffold, docker, kubectl and minikube in a nutshell.
  • PaaS deployment on Codesphere - The probably fastest way to get a stateless microservice up and running.
  • PaaS deployment on DigitalOcean - Setup a FastAPI app on DigitalOcean App Platform in minutes.
  • Serverless Deployment - The current status of the compatibility between FastAPI and Kubernetes-native FaaS platforms.
  • Service discovery in container orchestration platforms - Enabling FastAPI service communication in Kubernetes explained.
  • What’s missing to make FastAPI shine in advanced Domain Driven Design? - Ideas for the implementation of a generic service bus in Python.
  • example source code
You will get the following files:
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